I have been awarded the Surveillance Studies Book Prize 2014 for my book “From Protest to Surveillance”

Again good news: I have been awarded the Surveillance Studies Book Prize 2014 for my book “From Protest to Surveillance – The Political Rationality of Mobile Media”.

The committee praised:

“the combination of empirical work with theoretical insight and the consequent benefit of looking more clearly at the conceptual framework that is appropriate for understanding surveillance. In particular, Leistert’s work:

  • Helps us understand the qualitative differences as well as the points of convergence between surveillance in liberal and non-liberal societies;
  • spans a variety of geographic and social spaces in order to produce an informed analysis and a reliable and balanced interpretation;
  • focuses on a specific category of media and deals very clearly with established problematics by demonstrating that contemporary surveillance is essentially about access to the mediating infrastructure;
  • provides an interesting blueprint on the practical and ethical approach to empirical research in sensitive areas”

Other committee members said that “Leistert’s book could guide future research in the field of surveillance studies” and that it combined “Excellent presentation, critical evaluation, elaboration and recombination of surveillance theories adding new relationships and interpretations.” Last and certainly not least, “It is also well written and accessible.”

I am very thankful for this recognition. The book is available from Peter Lang, or from your preferred book dealer.

Review of my book “Mobile Media. From Protest to Surveillance”

Marta Brzezinska has written a review of my book “Mobile Media. From Protest to Surveillance” for Surveillance Studies.org. She closes by writing: “Without any doubt Oliver Leistert’s book proves vital to the field of contemporary aspects of surveillance, the power and media and in the same time provokes to discuss theoretical perspectives on dimensions of modern society.”

Rezension “From Protest to Surveillance” und “Generation Facebook” von Joachim Hirsch

Joachim Hirsch hat in einer Doppelrezension mein Buch “From Protest to Surveillance. The Political Rationality of Mobile Media” sowie den gemeinsam mit Theo Röhle herausgegebenen Sammelband “Generation Facebook” besprochen. Solch positive Resonanz erfreut das Herz. (“Der Verfasser hat eine gut recherchierte und argumentativ überzeugende Analyse vorgelegt.”) Gleichzeitig ist der Text eine sehr gelungene Zusammenfassung beider Bücher, die besonders für das Mobile Media Buch (weil im Original auf englisch)  hilfreich ist.