About me

On theory & practice: why I left academia.edu

In the course of reducing my free labour and data provision to shady companies, I deleted my academia.edu account today. It had been on my mind for a while already, and reading “Should This Be the Last Thing You Read on Academia.edu?” by Gary Hall only gave the final push to do so. I do […]

A true noblog

This is not a blog, but a noblog. As such not much happens here. I only update the CV from time to time. And if there is big news to share, I will. But this is rather unlikely. Information scarcity could be a concept for the future, don’t you think? Thanks, Oliver

Twelve years later

I just found these pages, from a talk I gave in Computer Science at the University of Hamburg in 1999! What a gem! In static HTML! It’s an introduction in Sound Programming. It introduces API’s and some coding languages. So, if you are keen to know the feature of the BeOS (!) Media Api, check […]

Hello World

I decided it is a good occasion to launch this blog together with my new engagement in Budapest, at the CMCS. While this blog is mainly for academic purposes and references, I might from time to time comment on everyday life in Budapest in the summer of 2011. Please see here for a short summary […]