“herbst. THEORIE ZUR PRAXIS” – the journal from steirischer herbst 2012 is out and great.

I just found a copy of “herbst. THEORIE ZUR PRAXIS” in my mail. This is the accompaigning publication of the big art/politics/theory/practice event “steirischer herbst“, that is still going on until 14. october in graz, austria.

The journal covers a great range of proposals, reflections and practical interventions concerning the field of social justice and politics. It included contributions by Nato Thompson about occupations, a theoretical piece from Gerald Rauning about art and revolution, Chantal Mouffe, Beate Hausbirchler on feminism and activism today, many cultural practitioners from Egypt (e.g. Laila Soliman), an interview with Oleg Vorotnikow about art, revolution and life in illegality in Russia, and Noah Fischer about the 99/1 discussion. And an interview I conducted with Geert Lovink about netactivism’s past and present. And much more… It is really worth the 6 Euros!  Order it here.