On theory & practice: why I left

In the course of reducing my free labour and data provision to shady companies, I deleted my account today. It had been on my mind for a while already, and reading “Should This Be the Last Thing You Read on” by Gary Hall only gave the final push to do so. I do […]

A true noblog

This is not a blog, but a noblog. As such not much happens here. I only update the CV from time to time. And if there is big news to share, I will. But this is rather unlikely. Information scarcity could be a concept for the future, don’t you think? Thanks, Oliver

Now available: "Critical Perspectives on Social Media and Protest", edited by Lina Dencik and Oliver Leistert

Now available: “Critical Perspectives on Social Media and Protest”, edited by Lina Dencik and Oliver Leistert

Our collected volume “Critical Perspectives on Social Media and Protest. Between Control and Emancipation“, published by Rowman & Littlefield, is now available: From the publisher’s website: “This book critically interrogates the relationship between social media and protest from an interdisciplinary perspective, examining the multiple ways in which we need to politicize and contextualise commercial social […]

Julia Oschatz shows her work and has a new catalog out

On the occasion of her receiving the Hannah-Höch-Förderpreises (Hannah Höch Advancement Award) of the State of Berlin 2014, Julia Oschatz (born 1970 in Darmstadt) is showing an exhibition of her work in the cabinet room of the painting gallery. She conceived the exhibition specifically for this location by taking, for example, the painting “Netherlandish Proverbs” […]

“Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society” website up and running

The project “Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society” at University Cardiff now has its website up and running. The project  explores the nature, opportunities and challenges of digital citizenship in light of the governmental surveillance measures revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden. The leaks initially published by The Guardian and the Washington Post provide unprecedented insights into the workings […]